Friday, April 29, 2011

A post to update everyone with the status of my kits.

4mm BR CCT

The last outstanding orders for these are going in the post this coming Tuesday. Very unusually, this means I actually have all the parts available for a batch of these kits at the moment, and so they can be ordered from the website:

2mm SR Bulleid coaches

A few weeks ago, the 64' resin roofs for these kits went out to those who had been patiently waiting. The 58' roofs are still outstanding, but now I know how to make the roof masters myself, they will arrive in the next couple of months. Because of technical difficulties, unfortunately the Bulleid coaches are not going to be made available again.

2mm GWR Toplights

I just received more etches and roofs for these, so anyone who missed out on these has a second chance. The flyer can be found at

N gauge BR Mk1 corridor sides

These arrived this week and are going out to those who ordered them on Tueday. I am very pleased with the results. It turned out to be rather a SR EMU fest, as the takeup on the loco hauled stock was almost zero, so only the restuarant cars got produced. I do have a few of the RU, RB and RKB should anyone be interested. The only EMU left is a 4-REP/4-TC, and I think I will build this myself. I could produce some more, but delivery from the etchers has now got to more than 2 months turnaround. I am going to also do the refurbished version of the 4-CEP/4-BEP.

Replacement 2mm/N loco chassis

The etches for the Class 03, GWR 57XX, 14XX and 2251 are awaiting me in England, so more news next week.

Coming up

A limited edition of SR Maunsell stock (email me for an advanced flyer if interested, this will be in the next 2mm Magazine), followed by something GWR, and pre-group rail built bufferstops.