Friday, February 22, 2008

2mm BR CCT

Edward Sissling's picture of his build of the 2mm Scale Association CCT, a kit designed by us. This model is planned to appear in MRJ shortly, alongside a 3mm version built by John Sutton, and a 4mm build by Tim Shackleton.

Friday, February 8, 2008

2mm/N Class 76 Electric locomotives

A pair of our 2mm scale EM1/Class 76 resin and etched kits operate on Alan Whitehouse's MSW layout which was a star attraction at this year's Warley show. These ones have 2mm Finescale wheels, but they can also be built to N Gauge standards. Locos built by Pauline McKenna and the photo is from Mick Simpson.
The overhead gantries are also available from us to special order (both 2- and 3-track versions).
Alan has captured the MSW to perfection - except it isn't raining as it should be! The MGRs are empty so they must be heading back to the Yorkshire pits.
I can remember these locos at Guide Bridge and Reddish from teenage trainspotting trips - quite a hike from Cheltenham to Manchester. Unfortunately I only travelled over the MSW to Sheffield once, on a Trans-Pennine DMU diverted on Sundays from the Hope Valley route long after the normal passenger services had stopped. We reversed at Sheffield Victoria into the Midland station.
Shots of the overhead equipment of the MSW at Broadbottom (what a name for a station), Dinting, and the similar equipment on the GE at Stratford can be seen at

2mm GE Mac K/BR 2/244 Lowmac

Mike Taylor built this example of our GE Lowmac kit to 2mm Finescale standards. It was featured in the Feb 2008 2mm Magazine. All the first batch sold out, we are collecting orders for a second run. We also have a GC Mac N/ BR 2/242 Lowmac kit.

The 2mm Scale Association can be found at

And you can see photos of the real thing at Paul Bartlett's site

3mm BR CCT

This is John Sutton's build and photo of our CCT kit, running on his well-known 3mm scale layout "Southwell". This will be described in articles in the 3mm Magazine "Mixed Traffic", and in Model Railway Journal, where Tim Shackleton also builds the 4mm version of the kit to P4 standards.
You can see photos of the 4mm kit under construction at
Ordering information for the kits can be found at our website
Paul Bartlett just added a collection of photos of the prototype at