Monday, June 7, 2010

Spaubeke reborn

Inspired by all these postings of new layouts being built, and having cleared my workshop, I thought I would get out Spaubeke, a layout I purchased from Henk Oversloot a few years back. Thanks to the nice covers Henk made for it, it's still in excellent condition. Once I had substituted a trusty Fleischmann controller of mine for the power pack it came with, everything sprang to life. Except for one point motor that needs fettling, everything works too. You can see in the picture my one and only piece of motive power for the moment, a Fleischmann railcar converted with Association wagon wheels - total time 15 minutes and total cost of conversion 1.20! The ride is a tiny bit bumpy but then again, so was the real thing. I think some more loco wheels will be heading to Gordon Solloway for turning down.

Now, to see if Honley is still runnable...